Using Caterers to Send Homemade Meals

Even though they may specialize in larger events or corporate meetings, many catering companies also offer the option of sending specific meals to a family or individual. There are many ways to use this option, whether you are sending meals to a new mom and dad or someone who is recovering from surgery or a serious illness. This is a great way to let your friends and family members know you care. It can be compared to sending flowers or a card, but in addition to the thoughtful touch you are also giving the recipient something that really makes their life easier.

Catered Meals for New Parents

When a new baby is born, it brings joy, happiness… and a lot of chaos. New parents are often overwhelmed by all of the work that goes into taking care of a brand new baby, not to mention the serious lack of sleep they suffer from due to late-night feedings and odd sleeping schedules. That’s why sending new parents a catered meal through a local catering company can be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give them. It relieves them of having to worry about what to make for dinner so that they can relax and enjoy this special time with their new addition. Plus, you save them money by taking care of a whole meal for them.

When you send a meal to a family with a new baby, remember to keep in mind not only their tastes and preferences but also what the mother will want to be eating to ensure that she provides healthy milk for the baby. She may be trying to stick to healthy meals, so make sure you add on a nice salad or provide a nutrient-rich vegetarian meal. It’s also a great idea to send more than enough food, because then the couple can continue eating leftovers for a few days, which further reduces their stress when it comes to making time for grocery shopping and cooking.

Catered Meals for Sick Friends and Family

If you know someone who is sick or recovering from surgery, you know that one of the biggest challenges they are facing is having the strength or stamina to prepare a meal. What’s worse is that, because they are sick or in recovery, now is the time when they need healthy meals more than ever. By providing them with a healthy catered meal, you can allow them to rest more and perhaps even recover more quickly.

There are two important things to consider with catered meals for the sick. First, make sure you know if they have any dietary restrictions related to their illness. Secondly, provide them with a meal that requires little to no preparation, such as a pan of lasagna that they can heat up in the oven. That will make life easier for them while also providing a healthy option during their recovery.

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