Steamed Milk Versus Condensed Milk Coffee Treats – Which Is Better?

Whether its brewed coffee or a delightful shot of espresso. The rich taste from freshly ground coffee beans are beyond compare.
The palate, however, seeks more than just a nice cup of coffee and that’s when people started adding milkor different forms of milkto coffee.
Coffee does taste exceptionally well with milk and it does offer a wonderful kick and yet a gentle richness that goes perfectly with every morning cup of caffeine. There are different coffee and milk recipes out there and a slight miscalculation in measuring the ratio between milk and coffee results to something else entirely. Let’s forget about the most popular North American milk and coffee choices, latte and cappuccino, and explore what the rest of the world drinks in the morning to wake up.

Steamed Milk Recipes

Steamed milk is a recent addition to a great cup of coffee but it is now the modern touch of a great coffee. It adds depth to the coffee. Steamed milk is smooth sweet and rich. When added to coffee, the coffee tastes absolutely divine as compared to other types of milk added to coffee. Aside from cappuccino, mocha, and flat white, there are other popular steamed milk espresso combos.


Closely resembles mocha but it is made with 1 part espresso and 3 parts steamed milk. The steamed
milk has a little bit more froth than steamed milk but less foamy.

Cafe Con Miel

This is made with different layers of flavors. It’s a beautiful combination of honey, a shot of espresso, a part steamed milk and a generous layer of cinnamon that originated from Spain.

Cafe Breve

Cafe Breve uses 1 part steamed half and half, with 1 part espresso and 1 part foam on top. It is basically a fat cappuccino. Check the video recipe below.

Recipes with Condensed Milk

Condensed milk is technically a thick sweetened version of milk. It is a classic favorite milk addition to
coffee because it balances the acidity in strong bold coffee flavors by adding a hint of creaminess and
a whole punch of sweetness.

Cafe Bombon

Spain loves this drink. The correct spelling is: CAFÉ BOMBÓN. It’s made with one part espresso and filled with one part condensed milk. It’s usually served in a glass mug so that the beautiful layers are visible.

Ca Phe Da

Vietnam loves cold coffee drinks and the Ca Phe Da is quite popular. It’s made with 1 teaspoon of fine
ground coffee, 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, added with boiling water and topped with tons of ice.


The Orient sure has a love for coffee and condensed milk but in Hongkong, Yuanyang is a mix of one
part coffee, one part black tea, and one part condensed milk.

Kopi Susu Panas

This is made of one part fine ground coffee and one part condensed milk that originates from Malaysia.

Steamed or condensed milk are popular additions to coffee but there are other milk variations that are added to a shot of espresso or brewed coffee. These include plain cold or warm milk, milk foam, or whipped cream. It’s no secret that milk can really add great texture and flavor, and enhance your drinking experience.