Making a Big Change

Happy belated new year!

It's been a little quiet over here lately. Partly it was due to the Christmas holidays and partly because I've been sick. I'm still trying to get over this cold.

I'm not sure if you know, but I run/write three different blogs. Whew! I've been juggling three websites since last March 2011. I never truly felt like any the blogs got the attention they truly deserved. For my sanity and the quality and frequency of my posts, I'm making a big change.

I'm merging Cup of Creativi-Tea into my main blog, I'm Not the Nanny. I'm not shutting down this site. You're welcome to come back to it whenever you want, but in the near future, I'm moving the content over to I'm Not the Nanny.

From now I'm posting my food and crafts posts over at I'm Not the Nanny. I hope you'll come visit over there and subscribe to its RSS feed so you don't miss anything. Like the Vietnamese cook-a-long I'm doing for 2013.

You're welcome to join me.
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