Halloween Costume Panic

"Only 9 more days until Halloween."

That's what they kept announcing as I searched the thrift store for the kids' costume components this Monday. I was slightly panicking. Slightly because I lucked out and found a dress that worked perfectly for her costume. Pending her approval, of course.

Last week, I sketched out the kids' costumes during my PTA meeting.

Jaxson wants to be a dragon. Not just any kind of dragon. An orange one. I thought it would be easy to find an orange sweatshirt hoodie and matching sweatpants for the base of his costume. Then I can just sew the scales (is that what the things on the spine called?) and make a tail to attach to the pants. Not sure sure about the clawed feet. That was just for illustrative purposes.

Here's my sketch with Sophia's adjustment. A longer skirt, of course. How could I have not known? This year she's a princess warrior, complete with bow and arrow. Oh and a tiara of course. No princess is ever without her tiara!

The funny thing was, I thought I would have to sew most of Sophia's costume, but turns out I'll have to sew Jaxson's. At least the pants, scales and tale. I found an orange hoodie.

My goal is to finish the costumes this weekend. Just in the nick of time.

How is your family celebrating Halloween?
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