Afterschool Snack: YoKids Greek Yogurt and Fruit Smoothies w. Giveaway

When my kids get to help cook or make what they eat, they eat more of it. This is especially true when it comes to smoothies. Both Sophia and Jaxson love fruit and yogurt separately so making smoothies is a win-win for them. I promised them last week that we would make smoothies for an after school snack and forgot. Well, my toddler remembered so we gathered all our ingredients.

We have frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, blueberry pomegranate juice, milk (not shown), and of course our Stonyfield YoKids Greek Yogurt in raspberry. I like using frozen fruit because it eliminates the need for ice. Blending ice is killer on blenders. I blew through a few making margaritas in college. Don't forget the straws! No smoothie is complete without straws with umbrellas on them.

This recipe is so easy we don't even use a recipe. Yes, I just typed that. Basically, we throw in frozen fruit, add some juice, a splash of milk and a generous amount of YoKids Greek yogurt. For this batch, we added 2 single serving cups.

I just squeezed that cup of yogurt, plop! right into our pitcher. Actually the kids did it.

Blend it up until smooth and voila! Afterschool smoothie snack. We only own a stick blender (aka immersion blender) and I love it! It's got a push button control so the kids can operate it (with my supervision, of course.)

Both kids loved their smoothies. Jaxson and I shared the mixed berry while Sophia got hers without the blueberries. Plus, drinking your freshly made smoothie out of straws with umbrellas make them taste better. Sorry for the blurry photo up there. They were super excited about their smoothies and couldn't stay still!

YoKids Greek Yogurt is the only organic Greek yogurt available for kids. I didn't tell them how healthy and nutritious these were. All they knew is that it tasted "yummy in my tummy" as my toddler would say. The YoKids Greek Yogurt is known for its quality, just like the rest of Stonyfield's line of products. It's not overly sweet like other kids' yogurt and sweetened our tart frozen berries in our smoothie.

Giveaway: Win YoKids Greek Yogurt free product coupons to make your own smoothies, courtesy of Stonyfield! To enter, leave a comment how you like to eat your yogurt, besides straight from the container. Give me some new ideas!

Giveaway ends May 19 at 9PM Eastern. Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. Cup of Creativi-Tea is not responsible for items lost or delayed shipping. U.S. addresses only. I received coupons and product to review. I'm also a Stonyfield YoGetter but was already a fan of Stonyfield well before I joined.

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