Easy 5 Minute Chocolate Mousse with COOL WHIP

During the week, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to making dessert. We usually have ice cream, cookies (if we bought some) or a small piece of candy. Sometimes the kids even ask for fruit! I'm still trying to recover from a cold two weeks ago. I was in bed for 3 days and the apartment still looks like a tornado zone. That means I've been lazy about dinner too: quesadillas, breakfast for dinner, etc.

Though the kids haven't complained,  I felt a wee bit guilty about the lazy dinner and the lazy desserts. So I did a search for a dessert made with COOL WHIP Whipped topping. I have warm childhood memories of eating pies with a dollop of COOL WHIP on top. Hubby requested a chocolate mousse. I used to make mousse from scratch, you know, before I had kids. So I found a super easy recipe for Dark Chocolate Mousse on the COOL WHIP site. I wanted to go for some sort of chocolate mousse pie but got out voted.

We didn't have dark chocolate in the pantry so I grabbed a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I scored a bunch during the after Christmas clearance. I measured out 4 ounces of chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. Next, the kids and I dumped some COOL WHIP right on top.

For the next few minutes while we stirred in the COOL WHIP, my toddler asked, "Tasted it? I want to taste it. Prease!" It took me longer than 5 minutes to make the mousse. So if you don't have a toddler trying to stick his finger into your mousse every third turn of your spoon, your mousse will be done in 5 minutes.

After everything was mixed together, I spooned the chocolate mousse into fancy glasses. Then we added another dollop of COOL WHIP on top. I couldn't resist sprinkling some mini-chocolate chips to our mousse. I stuck them in the fridge to chill while we ate dinner. (Of course my toddler begged for dessert the entire time we ate our chicken.)

The kids love cooking with me, so it's nice to have a recipe that's easy and fun for both kids. It also doesn't hurt that I let them lick the spoons and the bowl afterwards. They even licked the COOL WHIP container!

I liked that I was able to serve them a "fancy" dessert (Sophia's word) for a weeknight dinner. The mousse was easy to make and I only had to clean one bowl after we made it. Even hubby was surprised how good the chocolate mousse was. I would recommend letting it chill for more than 15 minutes. It'll taste better cold, but the kids couldn't wait.

There's so many ways to riff off this technique for an easy weeknight dessert. I have some lemon curd I could mix in for a lemon meringue type of dessert. Slice some pound cake and layer it with the lemon curd mixture? YUM!

What's your favorite weeknight desserts?

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