Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Photo from hey jen renee
We're not a religious family and celebrate Easter in a mostly secular ways. As in the Easter Bunny, egg dyeing and of course a big Easter dinner. Maybe I should call it a spring celebration instead?

This is the first year I feel comfortable letting my toddler help dye eggs. Usually we buy one of those kits with the tablet of dye that you dissolve in vinegar and water. It's easy, but a bit boring. Of course I scoured the web for ideas and got some from friends as well.

I briefly (like for 10 seconds) thought about using all natural dyes. Then I laughed at myself. As if I had time to cull all the ingredients and boil them for 20 minutes. That mean I really had to clean my kitchen. Not my favorite household chore.

So far, dyeing the eggs with Kool-aid seems to be the winner. The fun factor is totally there. I found a lovely tutorial from Hey Jen Renee. Sophia's eyes lit up when I mentioned this one.

My friend S from Neuroses Galore just posted her results from dyeing with 100% silk ties. The tutorial is from Our Best Bites. Sidenote: Let me tell you how impressed I am with S. She's very pregnant and yet has found plenty of time to do lots of crafts with her two young girls. I can barely manage cooking dinner every night. And I'm not knocked up.

I started a Pinterest board with Easter egg decorating tutorials. Some of them are really cool, but require a dremel (which I don't own, surprisingly) or require blowing out the egg first (I'm too lazy). I'm just going to boil some eggs and stick them in Kool-aid. Instant gratification, right?

How are you decorating for spring?

P.S. If you need a Pinterest invite, leave a comment and I'll send you one.
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