Red Hot Upcycled Shoes For Valentine's Day (Tutorial)

Altered shoes 062

I'm on a never ending search for fun red shoes that are comfortable. And affordable. No small feat. A few weeks ago, I found the shoes below on clearance. They were comfy. They were flats. Perfect for toddler chasing.

Altered shoes 005

After a quick tweet asking if I was crazy for buying 2 pairs of the same shoes so I could paint a pair. My friends totally enabled me to purchase them. Wouldn't you want to paint them? Beige is a cry for color! Late at night, I took over our dining table to begin my project.

Altered shoes 022

I mixed the perfect red paint for my shoes. I used Basic brand acrylic paint, but I've used fabric paint for a previous shoe project. Acrylic paint is usually permanent once dry, so I was comfortable using it. Just remember that holds true for the clothes you're wearing. You might want to wear a smock.

Altered shoes 039

I cut off the useless velcro strap and removed the velcro tab under it. It just looked so random. Before painting the shoes, I stuffed newspaper inside them to hold their shape and to keep paint out of the inside of the shoe. Using a stiff brush, I painted the shoe with the red acrylic paint. I let it dry and then added another coat until it was the color I wanted. Scarlet red.

Altered shoes 033

Alisa Burke turned me onto these little bottles of squeeze paints. They are most famous for decorating t-shirts. I've experimented with them, but not as much as I would like. As I waited for the red paint to dry, I felt that the shoes needed something. Something exciting. So I grabbed my bottle of black squeeze paint.

Altered shoes 057

After practicing on scrap paper, I doodled on the shoe. I had planned on doodling on the entire shoe. As I  stopped to let the front dry, I realized I liked just having the toes painted. I left it dry overnight, then used a finishing spray to set it.

It's been fun wearing these shoes around town. Maybe I should wear them on Valentine's date?

Are you ready to paint some shoes now?
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