He's the Chopsticks to My Spaghetti: Inspired by Lunch in Paris


I remember the very first meal I cooked for my husband. Sort of.

It was my freshman year in college and we had just started to date. Cooking for him started quite innocently. Or maybe I was a wee bit jealous that he and a friend won a game of pool. As the prize for that win, his ex-girlfriend and my suitemate (whom I swear had a crush on him!) cooked dinner for them. Beef stroganoff and some sort of green dessert. I can't believe I remember this, after being married to my husband for almost 9 years.

Anyway, feeling a wee bit jealous, I told him that I'd cook for him if he bought me some new pots and pans. Well, after a trip to the Dollar General, I had new, albeit rather inexpensive, set of pots. As promised, I cooked for him. I have no idea what I made.

As we became more serious, I cooked more and more meals for him. Food was never the focal point of our time together, but our meals tasted better because of the company.

I remember weekends that I snuck into his dorm room. After stay up all night, ahem, and "sleeping" until noon or later, we were both starving. We then proceeded to my dorm where the kitchen was bigger and cleaner. Together we made a huge brunch: grits, eggs, bacon, and biscuits. This happened almost every weekend during our college days. It was a bit less awkward after I got an off-campus apartment.

It's funny how our memories are tied to meals and specific foods.

On our very first date (which as actually over a month after we started "dating") was a total trainwreck!

We met for lunch during winter break at Copeland's, a local chain that serves Louisiana cuisine. Hubby had his wisdom teeth removed just a couple of days before so only ordered corn chowder. For some reason I ordered some sort of alfredo.

Confession: I have an absurdly difficult time eating spaghetti and the like with a fork and spoon. I'm Vietnamese! I've been consuming noodles using a pair of chopsticks every since I can remember. Plus chopsticks are a great substitute for toaster tongs (do people really own those?).

There we were, he was in pain and didn't even like his corn chowder and I was attempting to eat this pasta dish without making a huge mess.

Well, we got through it. Now I'm proficient at eating my spaghetti noodles with a fork even though I still prefer my chopsticks. After 14 years together, hubby is an honorary Asian now that his chopstick skills have improved.

Do you remember what you ate on your first date with your significant other?

This post was inspired by Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes  a memoir by Elizabeth Bard. There's some really good recipes in this book! I received a copy of the book for review through the online book club, From Left to WriteBook links are affiliate links.
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