Abstract Art by Maggots-It's a Science!

This past weekend, we took Sophia to the USA Science and Engineering Festival. She loves anything science so we had to take her. There are a lot of booths there-we barely hit 10% of them.

The very last booth we visited was the most interesting (and disgusting) to me. The kids could paint a picture using maggots. Yes. Maggots. The wonderful bug scientists from my home state Southeastern Louisiana University came up with this idea.

I took some video of the maggots "painting" for you .Warning, you may not want to eat while you're watching it.The video is short, I promise.

Paint is dropped onto the paper. Then the fat maggots are dropped into each blob of paint. No maggots were harmed in the making of this video. The paint is Crayola non-toxic tempera paint. I only know because I asked. And apparently maggots don't breathe through their skin so they can't drown.

Then Sophia would pick them out when they wriggled off the paper and put them back in a blog of paint.

So if maggots can make art, we should be able to as well. Right?

(I'm still freaking out inside a little. Hubby didn't even come near the booth.)
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